Vitamins – Why Your Body Needs Them to Stay Fit

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The Benefit of Vitamins and Minerals – Are They Essential?

There are a variety of different things to take into consideration when you are trying to keep your body healthy and happy. Two of the most important components to consider include vitamins and minerals. There are thousands of different ways that you can ensure that you get the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals, but the real question is: what do they really do for our bodies? Whether you are interested in taking multivitamin supplements, a liquid multivitamin, or even simply eating the right foods, vitamins and minerals are essential for a numerous amount of reasons.

The General Purpose of Vitamins and Minerals

The vitamins and minerals derived from a multivitamin essentially provide our body with the components that it needs to conduct a variety of processes and functions. The nutrients work together to repair, heal, an even grow particular elements of our body such as our skeleton, hair, and cells. There are specific vitamins and minerals that are imperative for certain functions such as ensuring that our red blood cells are healthy and that our bones stay strong. If an individual were to experience a vitamin and/or mineral deficiency from not taking a liquid multivitamin, they would experience an array of physical detriments such as flus, colds, and general fatigue.

Maintaining your Metabolism

Your metabolism is one of the key bodily functions that help to provide your body with the energy that it needs to operate on a daily basis. When your body receives an ample amount of vitamins and minerals, your metabolism kicks in and stores these essential nutrients for future use. There are a variety of different vitamins that are imperative to ensure that your metabolism functions appropriately, including: vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and riboflavin. Consider eating broccoli, oats, fish, eggs, and poultry to provide your body with essential minerals for your metabolism to use.

Another thing to consider is maintaining a healthy digestive system. Probiotics, either from foods like yogurt and kefir or even a good supplement are something to consider.

Maintaining a Healthy Heart

Heart disease is the number one cause of death throughout the world, therefore it is imperative that you take as many steps as possible to prevent suffering from heart disease. With the help of a multivitamin, you will be able to earn the vitamins required to reduce heart inflammation and reduce the chance of contracting heart disease. Other vitamins such as vitamin B3 are essential to ensure that your cholesterol levels are kept under control.  Antioxidant also play a role in maintaining a healthy heart.

Bone Health

Your bones are another essential aspect to your body as they provide you with the ability to move and perform daily tasks. Brittle or weakened bones can be incredibly painful and bring forth a variety of medical illnesses such as osteoporosis. With that being said, it is imperative that you take a daily liquid multivitamin to ensure that your bones receive the correct amount of vitamin D, vitamin K, and calcium to keep your bones strong and healthy.

Prenatal Vitamins

Proper nutrition is essential to expectant mothers and they’re developing babies. Most pregnant women are deficient when it comes to prenatal vitamins. Look for foods or supplements that are high in the B complex, especially B6, B12 and folic acid as well iron and other essential minerals. Consult your healthcare professional for more information on prenatal care.

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